ECSA Moldova

Coordinator: Professor Ludmila Rosca, ECSA-Moldova

Summary: The action aims at fostering communication capacity in disseminating EU studies by collecting, capitalising and diversifying information on specific integration subjects. The following activities will be carried out: to organise one conference a year on EU subjects aiming at providing greater visibility to EU studies; to publish conference papers in "European Studies" Journal to be distributed for free; to organise lectures by ECSA-Moldova professors on EU subjects with high school students for fostering new debating approaches on European integration; to publish leaflets on EU subjects to be distributed for free at lectures with high school students; to set up a web page dedicated to action's activities; to organise ECSA-Moldova annual board meeting; to participate in dissemination, communication and information events at national and European level. The results consider disseminated information and knowledge on EU subjects; increased interest in understanding European integration; increased opportunities for ECSA-Moldova professors for communicating and developing EU studies; increased capacity for ECSA-Moldova to research, inform and communicate on EU subjects; increased allocation of resources for research and communication on EU subjects within ECSA-Moldova; committed ECSA-Moldova professors in promoting European studies and values; improved intra- and inter-society cooperation communication on the EU. The products focus on published selected papers in the "European Studies"; published promotional leaflets on EU topics; set up of a web page dedicated to project's activities. Envisaged impact follows a greater academic and public awareness about European integration; activities and resources that can be disseminated and exploited beyond the directly and indirectly involved beneficiaries in producing new outcomes; stakeholders promoting European and international networking in EU studies.

Duration: 2014-2017

Funding: Erasmus+, European Union


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