European Centre for Human Rights

Information and consultancy regarding the norms and standards included in the European regulations with regard to human rights, as well as to case law of the courts has always been an object of concern. This will focus on the protection of human rights within the European Union through the primary and complementary legislation.

An essential task will be dissemination of information about the current status of human rights protection in the European Union; information about our country's policies in the process of approximation the national legislation to the European standards and improvement of national mechanisms concerning human rights protection. At the same time, we will focus on discussions and debates regarding the measures that should be adopted in order to meet the European human rights protection standards.

Another dimension will be the collaboration with colleagues from different universities with the aim of publishing scientific articles in the electronic journal that will focus on the main Conventions with regard to the promotion and protection of human rights, as well as the judicial and non-judicial mechanisms.

An essential working tool will be the organization of a forum by means of which any interested person will be able to place questions with respect to protection of human rights, and the centre team will answer them.

By means of this activity, we hope to contribute to some extent, to improve the situation of human rights and to eradicate the negative factors in determining the progress and undermine the effective implementation of human fundamental freedoms and rights in the country and in the region.

Being aware that overcoming of bad situations and improving human rights protection requires efforts, both from the state and the civil society, the Center aims to contribute to consolidation process of the Moldovan legal culture. Therefore, this will be ensured with consistency and durability and so our country will become part of a qualitative European legal culture, where promotion and protection of human rights is a fundamental value.

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