European Centre for Legal Studies

The European Centre for Legal Studies has the mission to communicate and disseminate information on legal issues related to the European integration.

The aim is to raise the level of knowledge and legal awareness of the people in the Republic of Moldova and neighboring countries concerning the legal issues related to the European integration.

To achieve that goal, the following objectives are set:

  • Dissemination and continuous updating of information on European integration;
  • Conducting research, information and communication activities about the legal regulation of the European integration by means of placing data on the website, publishing scientific articles in the electronic journal and newsletters;
  • Updating the information concerning the legal aspects of the European integration on the website;
  • Identification of recommendations and proposals for improving the national legislation and that of the states in proximity with the aim to harmonize with the EU legislation;
  • Publication of the results by means of information and communication technologies.

In order to achieve the given objectives, should be accomplished the following tasks:

  • Display of the results by research, information and communication on the website;
  • Stating the results of the scientific research in the electronic journal;
  • Presenting the aspects of the legal regulation of the European integration in the newsletters;
  • Cooperation with the academic environment, civil society actors, decision-makers and civil servants within the country and the region with the aim to convey the legal issues concerning the European integration;
  • Organization of seminars, meetings, press releases on the legal regulation of the European integration;
  • Providing informational support concerning the negotiation process of different agreements with the European Union;
  • Communicating the results on European legal studies.

To perform the aforementioned activities it is necessary to accomplish the following tasks:

  • To be informed about the new improvements and legislative trends in the EU law;
  • To correctly understand the essence of the EU law;
  • The academic environment in the country and region should strengthen the mechanisms of research, information and communication in European legal studies;
  • To highlight the importance of the European legislation in the neighboring countries in relation of harmonization of the national legislation with the EU legislation;
  • To have access to cooperation with the European Union member states.

Communication will be realized for the general audience, especially for the academic environment, professors, students, political environment, policy makers, civil society within the country and in the region.

The methods of implementing the objectives are as follow:

  • The conceptual research on the European integration which will be disseminated by means of information and communication technologies with the aim of being posted on the website, as well as in newsletters;
  • Thorough study of the European integration, such as the historical, political, economic, legal issues concerning the European integration.

Eventually, the purpose is to achieve the following results:

  • Academic proposals on improving teaching methodology of the EU law for the legal specialties and other specialties;
  • Publishing scientific articles in the sphere of European legal studies;
  • Recommendations on improving the legislation by approximation to the EU legislation;
  • Proposals to consolidate the position of the Republic of Moldova in the process of negotiating agreements with the European Union;
  • Recommendations for improving the process of cooperation with EU countries for policy-makers, civil society and academic environment.
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